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About Me

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Hi!  I'm Marcelo Lewin.

In June 2024 I transitioned into post-production specializing in color grading and post audio, but I come to this new position with over 30 years of experience in the tech industry successfully delivering large-scale digital content projects on-time and on-budget.  


I’ve been an entrepreneur, an employee and a freelancer for companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering, NBC, Moviola, ProMAX, Toyota Corp and J.F. Shea Inc. and have built and sold 5 small companies.

I've created and sold multiple small businesses including My Internet Desktop, Pixel Heads Network, Filmmaking Webinars, How to Create VR and Headless Creator.


I have extensive experience overseeing large and small creative teams, with a hands-on approach in the development of various projects, ranging from corporate videos, social media campaigns, eLearning experiences, websites, web apps, virtual reality experiences, podcasts and blogs.


I’m a lifelong learner, recently graduated from the UCLA Extension Filmmaking Program, with a focus in Post Production.


I’m a certified DaVinci Resolve professional and very comfortable using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Canva, Adobe Photoshop and many other creative tools. 


Being both creative and technical, I love to stay up to date on the latest emerging technologies, particularly exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI to enhance post production workflows. 


I'm also the founder of The Future of Post, a community for filmmakers to discuss and learn emerging technologies.


Having immigrated with my family from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am fluent in both Spanish and English.

Things I Created

Split It.png

Split & Tip Calc : iOS App

Wanted to see if I could develop an iOS app and so I did.  With it, you can enter the bill amount, then click on sliders to adjust the tip, the number of people you want to split the tip with. You can have up to 15 people.  You can even round out the number so there are pennies left!


Podcasts & Tutorials

I'm a huge believer of podcasts and tutorials for sharing and helping people learn and expand their minds.   To that affect, I created many podcasts and tutorials including How To Create VR Podcast, How To Create VR Tutorial SeriesTransitioning to Filmmaking Podcast, Headless Creator Tutorials, Discover Headless Technology Podcast, and many more.


On-Boarding VR Experience

VR and AR are the future of entertainment and training.   They won't replace current formats, but they will definitely be the dominant formats once we have goggles that are as small and light as our regular glasses.  Here is an example of an on-boarding VR experience I created for a company I used to work for, ServiceTitan.

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