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AI Creative Summit Day 2

Transitioning to Filmmaking Day 11: AI Creative Summit Day 2

Today was second day of the AI Creative Summit conference. Again, I attended many sessions presented by some really talented creative professionals. I also presented the breakdown of my short film, The Adversarial.

Want to know what happened yesterday? You can read it here. Keep reading for today's session details.

Generative AI Techniques for Adobe Photoshop

Presented by Rod Harlan

Rod covered the new Photoshop 2024, the actual released version, which now includes the generative AI functionality that can be used for commercial work. He showed us tips on how to use Generative fill, Generative Expand, Generative Replace, covering in-painting and out-painting. He ended his presentation by covering pricing changes in the Adobe subscription model and explaining what are what Adobe now calls "credits" for generative AI.

Color at the next level: Working smarter with AI assistance

Presented by Dado Valentic, founder of Colourlab AI

In his presentation, Dado went through a color correcting and grading session where he used his tool, Colourlab AI, to color correct some footage using AI. He used various AI tools to correct brightness levels, color matching, color grading and how to use "show looks", which allows us to build the looks of our shows so that we can apply that look to various shots.

AI Tools for AfterEffects

Presented by Eran Stern

In his presentation, Eran covered a variety of AI powered plugins you can use within AfterEffects for rotoscoping, face replacement, "witness protection", etc. The rotoscoping tools are pretty amazing.

Discussion with NVIDIA

With Jason Schugart and Ashlee Martino-Tarr

This was a keynote / discussion with NVIDIA around AI and the future of generative AI for gaming, filmmaking and other creative endeavors. Other topics covered included multi-modal AI, using AI to automate workflows, lowering the bar to entry for younger less experienced artists to start creating, using Controlnet for image manipulation, using Generative AI as an idea machine and running AI in the cloud.

Making a Cyberpunk Music Video in the age of AI and Virtual Production

With Snehal Patel and Tom Thudiyanplackal

Snehal is a director. Tom is an executive producer and virtual production expert. They worked on a music video project called Project Chimera which used AI for ideation, generative AI for source material, and created environments for executing a virtual production shoot.

Until the next entry!

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