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Published May 5, 2023

Being a Human Actor in the Age of AI Actors

Lauren Neal
Marcelo Lewin

A Conversation with Actor and Filmmaker Lauren Neal

AI is being used by studios to “de-age” actors and in some countries, millions of people follow “AI Celebrities” that are 100% digital and don’t exist in real life. What will happen in the future to human actors when a major Studio or even an indie house can create “a digital actor” from scratch, defining exactly how they want it to act, speak, look, etc?   Will audiences be able to tell the difference?  And if not, how will “human actors” compete in this new future?

In this episode, I speak with Actor and Director, Lauren Neal, about acting, being a celebrity, AI, deep fakes,  de-aging, the positives of AI and the challenges it brings to human actors.

Join us for an exciting talk about Digital vs. Human actors (or will it be a partnership)?

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