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Interview On-Demand

Published June 23, 2023

Low Budget Virtual Productions

James Pierechod
Marcelo Lewin

A Conversation with Head of Creative James Pierechod

In this episode, we delve into the world of virtual productions and their transformative impact on the filmmaking industry, with a focus on low-budget filmmaking.  

Join my guest, James Pierechod, Head of Creative at Powerhouse Agency, as he shares his insights on harnessing the power of virtual productions for all kinds of visuals (stills and video), not just feature films.  

We’ll explore the cost savings, environmental benefits, and how the use of AI tools is going to change the virtual production process in the near future. We’ll touch upon how to use iPhones for virtual productions, the role of NeRF technology and Nvidia’s AI Canvas in building and iterating on virtual sets.

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