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Jonathan Posell, ACE

Jonathan Posell, ACE

Film and TV Editor

Scissors and Glue Productions

My career began in reality TV, working on COPS. I soon became an Assistant Editor on Tales from the Crypt, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and other studio projects.  From there, my editing career took off with a Fox TV show called Time of Your Life, which starred Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Garner.

I'm primarily hired for my comedy chops.  I cut for eight seasons on Desperate Housewives (which earned me an Emmy Nomination),  Jake in Progress (John Stamos), Rake,(Greg Kinnear), and Judging Amy (Amy Brenneman). 

I have also edited pilots for Berry Sonnenfeld, Austin Winsberg, Susanne Martin, and Seth Mcfarlane. My sitcom work includes ICarly, Victorious, and the Vince Vaughan-produced Sullivan and Son.

Most recently, I've edited several VFX-heavy, live-action comedies for Nickelodeon which currently air on Netflix.

You can learn more about me at Linkedin, IMDB or my personal site.

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