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Headless CMS Consulting


Sound Design

Great sound design involves the proper balancing of foley, sound effects, ambience, unique sounds, properly edited dialog and music, all working together to to support the storytelling, enhance the atmosphere, and create a more immersive experience for the audience.


Dialog Editing

Dialog editing involves choosing the best takes from all your mics making sure they are edited for continuity.  It includes cleaning up the audio, adding EQ, adjusting levels and panning.  The process ends with overall cleanup and adding EQ effects where needed.



During the mixing phase, all the levels of dialogue, sound effects, ambience, and music are properly balanced against each other to create that immersive experience you want in your soundtrack for your audience.


Podcast Editing

Podcast editing includes rearranging thoughts, removing mistakes and filler words, adding EQ, compression and normalization, reducing noise, de-clicking, de-popping and de-essing.

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