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Post Production Tracking and Collaboration Template

I created this app to track all of my post production tasks for a documentary I was editing.  It mushroomed into what you see below.   I'm providing this to you for free, as a way of giving back to the post-production community.  The app runs inside of Notion, so you need to download Notion first, which is free and works on Mac and Windows.

Screen Samples

Track and Manage

About the Film

Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Film Details

Track various details such as genere, working title, final title, log line, total running time and more.



Track and organize all the credits for your film including opening credits, ending pre-crawl and crawl credits.



Upload or link to external documents such as your documentary outline, script, script supervisor notes, etc.


Image by Nubelson Fernandes


Create and track the roles of your crew such as Editor, Producer, Sound Designer, etc. Then assign crew to those roles.



Track the vendors you work with.  Make them active or inactive.  Track what services they offer and what you are using them for in this film.

Image by Andrew Neel


Create and track the departments you need for your film.  Assign crew members and leads.

Project Management

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Create, manage and track all your tasks.   Assign to crew, cast, interviewees or vendors.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya


View all your tasks in a Gantt chart.  Track all work still outstanding over a particular period.  Mark tasks completed.

Image by Helena Lopes


Create meetings, track who's going to be in those meetings. Invite crew, cast, vendors and more.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado


Let your crew enter post daily or weekly updates on what they have worked on including linking those to tasks.

People Management

Image by Stephane YAICH


Track your entire post production crew in one central place.  See what meetings they are attending, what tasks they have outstanding and more.

Image by Kyle Head


Track all your cast members, or only the ones you think you'll need access to for post production activities, such as ADR.

Image by Ross Sneddon


If your film is a documentary, you most likely will have plenty of people you are interviewing.  Track them all in this section.


Image by Seth Doyle


When you start your edit, you need to know exactly all the specs of your footage, what camera it was shot with, what color space, how the audio was captured, was it scratch or main audio and more.

Image by Hannah Busing

Stock Media

Most films, especially documentaries, require a lot of stock footage, including photos, video, motion graphics, SFX, and more.   Track all your stock media sites here.

Image by Denisse Leon


If the film has external audio, you can track it in this section.  You can track timecode, sample rate, format, bit depth, file naming conventions, channels and more.

Image by Peter Stumpf


Track your editing software, version being used, operating system, what color grading system you will be using, what deliver specs you need to deliver at and more.

Image by Bastian Riccardi

Final Deliverables

Create as many final deliverable specs as you need for each service you want to deliver your film to.  For example, create a delivery spec for Netflix, another one for Hulu and one for YouTube.

Get It For Free!


You agree not to re-distribute this template anywhere.  It's free for now, but understand that in the future this may change.   You can customize it as you wish, but because it's free, you should consider sharing those customizations with me, so that I can add them back into the template for the community to use.  

Thanks for contacting me. I'll get back to you soon!

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