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Sometimes I get really passionate about something new I learned and I'll create a startup around it.

Headless Creator

Headless { Creator }

Created on 2020 | Acquired on 2022 | Acquired by Uniform Systems

A community focused on Headless CMS Admins, Developers and Authors.  I discovered headless technologies, specifically, Contentful, and became a huge fan of headless CMS, content architecting and content modeling. I created various content courses around that to attract developers, administrators and authors.  The site quickly grew into THE place to learn all about Content Modeling and Headless CMS technologies. 


How to Create VR

Created on 2017 | Acquired on 2019 | Acquired by Humaneyes

A community focused on VR and AR Creators.  As a VR and AR evangelist and creator of 360 video experiences I wanted to have a place where people could learn how to create VR taught by industry professionals with tutorials, podcasts blog articles and more. 


Filmmaking Webinars

Created on 2009 | Acquired on 2012 | Acquired by Moviola

A community focused on Filmmakers & Videographers. As a filmmaking enthusiasts, I wanted to have a place where people can learn how to transition from film to digital taught by industry professionals.   This was early in the days of webinars, and Filmmaking Webinars produced hundreds of weekly webinars focused on the technologies and knowledge required to make that transition.


Pixel Heads Network

Created on 2008 | Acquired on 2008 | Acquired by ProMAX Systems

A community focused on Digital Media Creators. I designed, produced, recorded, edited and delivered hundreds of audio podcasts on a weekly basis focused on media creators. Grew the site to over 8,000 listeners before it was acquired.


My Internet Desktop

Created on 1999 | Acquired on 2000 | Acquired by IAN

A community focused on new Internet Users.  This web app allowed users to manage their life on the Web (at a time when no such thing existed). We offered an API which allowed developers to create apps that ran inside My Internet Desktop. Grew the site to thousands of users before it was acquired by Internet Appliance Network.

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