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Upcoming Interview

Navigating the Filmmaking Industry Today and Tomorrow

A Conversation with Film & TV Editor Zack Arnold

Zack Arnold, ACE
Marcelo Lewin
Navigating the Filmmaking Industry Today and Tomorrow

This live event will air on

3/4/24 at 8am PST

Attendance is free, but you need to register to attend the event.  Fill out the form below and click "register".  You'll receive an email a day before the live event with a link to view it.

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Join me and Zack Arnold, ACE, Film and TV Editor (Cobra Kai, Burn Notice, Empire, Glee) and founder of Optimize Yourself, as we chat all about how to navigate the film industry, especially if you are just entering it as a new filmmaker, or coming into it from another industry (just like me!)

We are going to touch upon a lot of topics including making it just on merit vs. who you know, how the strikes affect your employment outlook, “old school mentality” of the filmmaking industry, plus much more.

If you are looking into getting into filmmaking, Zack is THE guy to tell you how to do it, so don’t miss this awesome opportunity to hear some amazing advice from a really successful filmmaker.

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