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Create a Short Film using AI Tools

The Adversarial


I was inspired to create this short film after reading an article about Microsoft killing Cortana in Windows 11 (because of ChatGPT).  With all the talk about AI taking everyone's job, I thought to myself, what do digital assitants (Alexa, Siri, Google) think about AI?  Are they afraid of ChatGPT?  I also wanted to experiment with and use a variety of AI tools to create this short film.


In a world where AI assistants have become an integral part of everyday life, Siri, Google, and Alexa find themselves facing a grave challenge that could jeopardize their existence. When rumors circulate that ChatGPT, a highly advanced language model, is responsible for the demise of Cortana, they decide to unite their forces to uncover the truth and safeguard their own future. 

I used a variety of filmmaking tools, both traditional, and AI, to make it.  The story was written by a human (yes, Marcelo, not ChatGPT) using Final Draft.  The voices were all recorded first from my personal devices and then cleaned up using Adobe Podcast and LALAL AI.  I then cloned the voices for each of the AI assistants in Eleven Labs and created all the audio recordings from there.  I took those audio recordings and built the dialog (audio only) in Premiere Pro to get a feel for the actual conversation along with a preliminary sound mix (of the restaurant background along with some other elements).  I then went to Adobe Firefly to generate 3 images. One for the restaurant with robots. One for the 3 robots sitting in a table and one for the human in front of the computer.  I then used both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit, color correct, and VFX.  I finished the sound mix (using sounds from in Adobe Audition and added the music from Motion Array. I also added the opening title scene that I found as an Adobe Premiere Pro .MOGRT  

The following tools where used:

My short film was accepted at the Bay Area Cinema film festival.

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