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Dailies and Assist Editing

Shelter in Place

I participated in the 48 Hour Film Project challenge as an Assistant Editor on set as part of the "Baby Bird Worldwide" team.

As the footage was being shot, it would be offloaded (using Shotput Pro) into 2 hard drives along with all the audio.   A third drive was used for editing the footage.  

As the RED (6K) footage was coming in, it was backed up and then ingested into a Premiere Pro project, a LUT was applied, then audio was synced by merging the clips.  Sub-clips were then created without the slates and organized into stringouts by takes and by performance.

Careful notes where taken and provided to the Video Editor so that he could have a smooth edit, as he only had 1 day to edit the final short film.

I spent approximately 15 hours on set that day, from 8:30am to around 11pm.

All that hard work paid off, as the film, Shelter in Place, won 2nd place, Best Film of 2023, at the 48 Hour Film Project, Los Angeles.

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