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Edit and Sound Design a Fight Scene

UCLA Extension Final Project

This was the final project for the UCLA Extension Intro to Premiere Pro Class.

The project was to edit 3 scenes together, with the final scene being a fight scene.   I used Premiere Pro (obviously) for editing, color correcting and sounds design.   I really enjoyed the sound design portion, playing and layering all kinds of sounds, though everything else was fun too.

The footage was given to us in class. our final was just to edit the all the footage into a coherent story culminating in a fight.  I found the footage a bit challenging as the actors are not professional fighters, so I used a variety of techniques to add energy to the fight including speed ramping, to speed up the slow punches, cutting frames to add power to punches and of course, sound design. 

Apps Used: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Podcast,, Adobe Stock

You can read the complete breakdown of how he edited the fight scene in the following articles:

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