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Main Title and End Credits Crawl Design

The Velvet Kiss

This was an exciting project to work on with filmmaker and director, Mike Yudcovitch.  He reached out to see if I can help with the design of  the opening title and the end credits crawl for his short film, The Velvet Kiss.  

We spent a couple of hours talking about the film, the story, the mood he wanted to set with the titles, colors he liked and provided him with a Notion template that I created (PostTracker) to start populating all of the credits for the end credits crawl. 

I then spent 2 days working on it, providing samples in-between, and delivered not only the final titles (which he was very pleased with), but also the project files (Premiere Pro), so that he can perform any updates on his own from that point on.

Apps Use: Adobe Premiere Pro, Notion

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