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I'm Marcelo Lewin, the guy behind

Red Pill, Blue Pill Studios.  I build communities, content and more, all  around my hobbies and my passions.  And yes, the company name was inspired by The Matrix.

Accidental Entrepreneur

You can read what Forbes has to say about that, but in short, I create websites and communities around my passions. Then, for various reasons, companies are attracted to those communities and acquired them.  I never create something with the intention of selling it.  It just happens. It's accidental.


Online Communities

I love being around creative passionate people that enjoy what they do.  I create online communities for them focused on their passion (and mine) including  maker and nerdy hobbies, filmmaking, podcasting, virtual reality, indie comic books, headless technologies and more.


I love content.  I create all sorts including virtual reality experiences, blog articles, online streams, YouTube videos, tutorials, presentations, webinars, online and offline events, mobile apps, websites, social media, iOT experiences and more!

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